Hello Angels,

Time is changing and fashion adapts to this change. In 2000’s, high heels, mini skirts and low rise jeans were very popular. Being comfortable is the key and fashion is more sporty, more simple now.

Sneakers are one of the key piece in today’s fashion. They are in for both everyday wear and formal occasions – it just depends on the style you choose.

Whether you are wearing your favorite dress or wearing pair of jeans, sneakers easily provide comfort and coolness. Design details such as color, and silhouettes transform everything from everyday to dinner night look.

From classic sneakers to designer sneakers, there is a sneaker trend suits for everyone.


This fall is all about colors.  From ready to wear to shoes, we will see a lot of color. There is no denying that colorful sneakers are trending in a huge way.

Chunky Sneakers

Chunky sneakers are here to stay. I personally wasn’t fan of these sneakers but recent days, I started to love them and I added one pair of chunky snears into my fall shoe closet. I love to pair them with skirts and dresses.


White is timeless and in today’s fashion, every woman should have a pair of white sneakers.

White sneakers can easily pair with dresses and jeans.

High Rise

High rise sneaker trend is popular right now and they are perfect with any fall ensemble ( whether midi dresses or jeans with sweaters)

Sustainable Sneakers

Sustainability is becoming important everyday when it comes to buy clothes, accessories and footwear included. Thankfully innovation in technology and design presents stylish sustainable sneakers.

My favorite sneaker trends are chunky, high rise and sustainable ones. What is your favorite snekaer trend? Let me know below