Hello Angels,

Who doesn’t admire to Sophia Loren?

Do you believe it, the legendary Italian actress is now 85 years old and we still look to her as an example of beauty and confidence?

She is a beauty icon and her look is proof that true beauty is timeless. According to her, she looks how she feels and read beauty comes from within.

I love her confidence and outlook on aging. Still she is in the spotlight and walks the red carpet with class.

While I was reading about Sophia Loren, I discovered some unique but simple methods she uses for a beauty.

I would like to share her beauty tips based on her interviews and books.

Olive Oil

True to her Italian roots, she credits her healthy appearance to the Mediterrenean habit of using lots of olive oil in her diet.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins A,D,K and Vitamin E. It is also full of antioxidants that fight radical damage.

Olive oil is not something you only use in food buy it is also great to use topically on your hair and skin.

Sophia Loren also uses olive oil for skin care as a moisturizer.


The woman, who is confident in her beauty, will be able to convince all the others as well – Sophia Loren

According to Sophia Loren, confidence in her beauty helped the rise to fame in the 1950s.

Mediterranean Diet

Sophia Loren follows The Mediterranean Diet which is full of natural whole grains, seafood, vegetables, fruits, legumes and olive oil.

Walking in Nature

Sophia Loren prefers to walk 1 hour in the morning. Walking is not only for physical health but good also for mental health. She knows how to keep her physically and mentally.

Beauty Sleep

The beautiful acress goes to bed early and gets enough sleeps .

What do you think about Sophia Loren? What is your her favorite beauty tip? Let me know below

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