Hello Angels,

Dreadful coronavirus and lockdown are not over and everyone is worried and feeling depressed right now. I try to concentrate beautiful, warm spring and summer days. Of course managing feeling positive is difficult right now but I try to do my best.

Today I would like to talk about Spring 2020 Bag trends. When I research and talk about anything about spring and summer makes me feel better. It reminds me of beautiful, warm and long days and I forget these bad moments even for five minutes.

If you are at home right now because of the lockdown, you can start to take a look and buy a stylish new bags. On the Spring 2020 rınways, designers presented penly of styles and colors that’ll give you inspiration if you are in a shopiing mood. All Spring 2020 trends are available to shop online. From straw bags to huge totes, there are many designs to choose from.

Here are my favorite Spring 2020 Bag Trends. What are your favorite trends?

Sling Bags

This bags are no longer just for comfort. They got a major makeover for 2020. You can see sling bags in all shapes and colors. These are very popular and pretty styles you can wear everyday.

Micro Bags

Micro bags were very popular last year and they will be continue to popular this year. This year the bags are even smaller. It is a perfect bag for essentials like a credit card, cahs and lipstick.


Floral prints are classic but this year they got a modern update.


This Spring and Summer is all about chains. From shoes to jewelry, this trend is on everything.


Straw bags will be popular also this year. You can get to the next level with something statement making and something bold hues such as pink.

I adore Jacquemus straw bags.

Giant Tote Bags

I love this trend so much because I often have a lot of things and I adore giant bags. I can fit my anything ( my agenda, make up products… etc)

 Studio Amelia has amazing tote bags.