Spring is officially arrived. Make yourself a coffee and start reading.

Puffer jackets and snow boots season is over and we are already eagerly started to do shopping for our spring wardrobe.

The spring 2020 is the one I am waiting for and I already know you will be too after read my post.

You are already familiar with bustier tops and slip dresses but this season lingerie is officially taking center stage. Lingerie detailing such as garters, sheer, silks and corsetry are some of the most prominent spring pieces.

Here are the best Spring 2020 trends so you can shop it now.


Crochet is getting a update this srping. Think feminine dresses and eveningwear that feels modern with a special touch of traditional handmade crochet.

For inspiration you can watch Jonathan Simkhai’s runway show.


It is a traditional belt used to hold up women’s stocking.

Slip Dress

I love slip dresses so much and I am very happy to see this trend. I know slip dresses are nothing new and by now we own in various colors but this spring we will see in more different ways. I am talking about the lace and color details and a less street style.

Bra Tops

Bra tops are officially trendy in Spring 2020. From crochet to sheer, they come in all styles and textures.

You can watch Giambattista Valli’s and Dior’s fashion show for inspiration.

Side Slits

Slide slits are climbing higher than ever for this spring. It is an effortless ct brings a sexiness dresses and skirts.


We often look to past and embracing vintage fashion to spice up our outfits. Speaking of vintage fashion, the corsets are coming back. This amazing piece of clothing was popular in the 16th century ( You can read my article about ‘History of Corset’ from here).

The corset has many modification throughout the centuries but one thing never changed – It is an item that adds sexiness to our look.

Puff Sleeves

They revivaled last year and they will continue to make way in 2020.

For inspiration you can watch Zimmermann’s and Richard Quinn’s fashion shows.


We will continue to see sequins also this season and I am very glad for itç Don’t be afraind to wear sequins on the streets. It is your time to shine. Designers like Sally LaPointe already approved sequins for both day and night.


Suede fringe jackets returned this season thanks to Celine. This year this strong outerwear piece feels more chic . I also saw suede mini skirts and shorts in suede and I adored it.

Short Shorts

Who loves short shorts? A lot of us. Short shorts are coming back this spring.

For inspiration you can watch Ferragamo’s and Hermes’ fashion shows.