Hello Angels,

Trends from fashion to beauty have changed dramatically. The hairdresses and and beauty centers have been affected the most. I am hoping for some positive change in spring.

Even though we mostly stay at home, spring is literally here – which means it is time to say goodbye to dark winter nail polishes and hello to spring’s romantic and lighter nail colors.

Home manicures are very popular right now so why don’t you try spring 2021 nail trends.

Cuticle oil is the key for well kept hands. Apply cuticle oil twice a day to keep your nail beds hydrated. Keep scrolling for the biggest nail trends for Spring 2021.

Deep Reds

According to nail artists red will be very popular in spring 2021. From orange tinged shades to rich burgundies, there are plenty shades of red to pick from.

Innovated French

The classic French manicure unexpectedly resurgenced over the recent years but this year it will updated. It will be pairing of endless richer color rather than the white tip.

Shades of Nudes

Spring means rebirth. Shades of nudes are perfect for women who prefer elegant, simple and clean look. Many women prefer to doing their nails themselves due to Covid-19 and minimal nail art will take center stage also in 2021.


Bubblegum was the center stage in 2020 and this year pink shades will continue to be color for spring 2021.


Normally brown is color of fall but it looks like the brown color will be continue to stay. From deep hues to lighter, almost beige ones, ‘90s popular shade will be color of spring 2021.

Mustard Yellow

Yellows always make an appearance and they are certainly work well in spring and summer times. If you are not sure to use yellow, I recommend a good mustard yellow.

Glittery Shades

This year glitters will be literally every from dresses to nail polishes. Glittery nail polishes are the one of the besy way to boost mood.

What is your favorite nail trend? Let me know below

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