Hello Angels,

Spring symbolizes rebirth. The days are getting longer and hotter. It is more easy for us to spend time outside in warm weather.

Coronavirus restrictions are still continuing but rules are lighter than recent year so, many of you can go out at least for a walk.

Do you consciously take care of yourself? Especially these tough days we need to take ourselves more. If you don’t, you will be exhausted emotionally, mentally and physically soon.

You should pay attention 6 areas of self care. These are;

  • Emotional Self Care

  • Physical Self Care

  • Spiritual Self Care

  • Social Self Care

  • Professional Self Care

  • Environmental Self Care

  • Remember, self care is not a temporary routine but it is a personal journey. You are important and you must prioritise yourself.

Here are self care ideas for Spring

  • Spring Cleaning

Self care isn’t just about body. Believe me, a clean and tidy environment makes a lot difference.

Spring cleaning is basically means getting rid of anything that may not need anymore. Open the windows, clean the house, refresh your wardrobe and donate the clothes you are not going to wear anymore.

Organize your spring wardrobe. Plan your clothes based on your lifestyle, favorite colors and go to signature.

  • Buy Flowers

Spring is time for tons of colorful flowers. Now it is time to treat yourself to a trip to the flower shop.

  • Treat Yourselves

Easter is around the corner. I don’t know you but I adore Easter chocolate eggs. Why don’t you grab your coffee and indulge yourselves with delicious chocolate egg?

  • Skin Care

Exfoliate and use serum and moisturizer for a glowy skin.

  • Outside Time

Walking has tons of benefits to our body and mind. Nature presents tons of colorful flowers and trees. Wear your sneakers and go for a walk.  You can also meditate, workout or do outside yoga. Enjoy te sunshine and fresh air.

  • Cook with Spring’s Vegetables

Spring brings many vegetables and fruits. Food is an essential part of self care which has huge impact on our body and mind. Try new delicious recipes and include many spring vegetables.

  • Take Away Food

Coronavirus restrictions returned so you can’t eat lunch or dinner at outside but you can take away. Try new cuisine, new food.

  • Refresh Your Look

You can try new makeup routine or go to a hairdresser for a haircut or try a completely new style.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Aim to go to bed early and avoid spending time on your phone at least one hour before bedtime.

What is your self care routine? Let me know below

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