Hello Angels,

New season, new trends.

The start of the new season brings with it a chance for renewal. While we love winter, we can’t help but dream of warmer weather and its brings.

After Covid, trends changed. There are plenty of invigorating and inspiring trends in fashion, beauty and colors.

Spring 2022  introduced our wardrobes to try some lovely and wearable colors. This year’s colors and trends represent renewal, positism and renewal. Colors have energy and huge impact on us. These Spring colors are an amazing option bring positivity into our lives.

Are you ready to add Spring 2022’s colors into your wardrobe?

I often prefer classic colors like white or black but this season I can’t wait to try these Spring 2022 colors.

  • Salted Caramel

This season caramel color is very popular as hair color and it is going to be popular in fashion.

  • Pink

Pink is a romantic and energizing color. It is versatile so you can pair it with many colors.

  • Green

Green color is especially very popular in accessories, lingerie and footwear. From olive oil to emerald, there are many green tone option.

  • Yellow

Yellow is a color of sunshine. It gives energy and happiness also it is popular since last year. This year it is going to continue to be popular. From ready to wear pieces to accessories, you can add something yellow.

  • Sky Blue

Sky blue is a fresh and calming color. You can add dress, bag or shoes in sky blue color.

  • Veri Peri

Veri Peri is a Pantone’s 2022 color of the year. From fashion to nail polish, this color is literally going to be everywhere.

What is your favorite Spring/Summer 2020 color? Let me know it below

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