Hello Angels,

Today I would like to talk about spring brunch outfit.

Spring is a colorful season, forests get greener, great time for birds to sing, therefore, it is time go to for the brunch to enjoy.

Brunch is combination of both breakfast and lunch between 11:00 to 15:00 o ‘clock. It is a popular weekend activity for families and couples.

A brunch outfit doesn’t have a strick rule so you can choose chic, casual and comfortable outfits.

What to wear for brunch in spring?

So what to wear for a brunch in spring? From March to May?

When it comes to choose outfit for Sunday brunch, feeling comfortable and looking stylish is important. So, don’t be afraid to show your personal style. You can try new colors, unique prints and accessories.

Floral Print Dresses

Floral print dresses are cool for lunch. They make fresh look for spring. There are plenty of options from pastels to shiny colors. I love pastel colors which are timeless and classic.


I love shorts so much. Shorts can be great choice for brunch ( especially the denim ones). You can complete your look with a chic top,


Whether you are off to brunch with your family or boyfriend, a stylish skirt outfit can make a lovely option. While tulle skirts are ideal for romantic and girly look, a miniskirt is ideal for the warm weather. You can complete your look with a pair of ballerinas or pumps.


You can wear your favorite jeans for lunch. Jeans are versatile and create effortless stylish look. Whether skinny, boyfriend or what jeans, you will be stylish for brunch. You can pair your jeans with t-shirt, crop top or striped top.

Comfortable Shorts

If you feel like dressing up high heels, wear it but sunday should be a day of rest so cgoose some flats instead. I am sure that you will feel more comfortable and happy.

Minimal Make Up

Sunday means free day so keep your makeup minimal. Your skin will be thankful to breath for the whole day

Let me know what are your preferences for a spring brunch

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