Hello Angels,

After Covid, fashion and accessory trends changed but this Spring, trends are returning to normal. They are more bold and playful than ever.

Accessories are amazing to elevate the outfit. Some traditional and 00s accessories get a fresh update this year and they are really worth to buy. I am sure that they are going to inspire you.

Are you ready to spice up your outfit with trendy accessories?

  • Beret with Net

Berets were very popular in Winter 2021 and they are going to continue to be popular in Spirng 2022. This stylish accessory got an update for Spring 2022. Keep your outfit minimal to emphasize the bold beret with net.

  • Pearl

Pears are timeless and classic. This year they got a update. You can wear them as hair accessory, earrings or necklace.

  • Layered Double Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are popular for years. This year layering multiple chains are going to be very trendy. To create a multidimensional looki use different lenght of chain necklace.

  • Wide Waist Belts

 These were popular in 2000s and they are coming back this season. The wide waist belt is a fantastinc way to spice up monochrome outfit and create an hourglass figure.

You can wear it with dress, long blazer and sweaters.

  • Huge Bags

It is officially end of micro bags. People started to go back to their office that’s why they prefer bulky bags to put their laptop, notebook, keys, etc..

  • Structured Bucket Bags

If you prefer something different, you can opt structured bucket bags. I often prefer timeless bags but I adored this trend and I think I am going to add into my wardrobe. They are cute and great for transporting your stuff.

  • Purple Bags

This season bold colors like purple are going to be popular in fashion, in makeup and in accessories. There is no better way to add a color to your outfit with bold colored accessories.

Purple bags of all sizes will instantly pop up any outfit.

  • Green Hue Accessories

From neutral hues to neon hues, green color will be very popular. From shoes to bags, there are amazing accessories in green hues.

What is your favorite accessories trend for Spring /Summer 2022? Let me know it below

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