Hello Angels,

Is anyone else ready to pack away the boots and refresh the shoe closet with spring’s trendy shoes?Shoes are amazing to elevate the outfit.

The start of the new season brings with it a chance for renewal. While we love winter, we can’t help but dream of warmer weather and its brings.

After Covid – 19 , fashion trends changed but this Spring, fashion trends are returning to normal. There are plenty of invigorating and inspiring items to buy.

Are you ready to plan your spring’s shoe closet? Whether you just get inspired or you are looking to add something new to your shoe collection for the new season, these trends are going to give you some ideas.

  • Platforms

This season shoes are very bold and ‘60s platforms remodernized. From angle length to over the knee ones, will be everywhere.

  • Chunky Sandals

If you are not a high heels person, don’t worry. This year even sandals will be exaggerated. You are going to see chunky sandals literally everywhere.

  • Lace Up Sandals

This shoes are perfect for Roman streets. These are worn with everything from paillette dresses to mini skirts, it is very versatile and stylish.

  • Artful Heels

This year heels will be embellished and interesting. They are cute to add some fun into your outfit.

  • Sculptural Wedge

This year wedge is back in a modernized way

  • Bright Colors

This year your shoes will be center of attention. From pink tones to yellow, there are many color options to pick.

  • Mary Janes

Mary Janes is making its mark this spring in bold way.  There come in different heel heights for everyone.

  • Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are classic and timeless shoe option for Spring and Summer. This Spring they come in satins and feminine details like lace up straps.

What is your favorite shoe trend? Let me know it below

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