Hello Angels,

Is anyone  ready to pack away the coats and refresh the wardrobe with spring fashion pieces?

The beginning of the new season brings chance for renewal. While we love winter, we can’t help but dream of warmer weather and its brings.

After Covid, beauty and fashion trends changed but this Spring, fashion trends are returning to normal. There are plenty of invigorating and inspiring items to buy.

Are you ready to plan your spring wardrobe? Whether you just get inspired or you are looking to add something new to your wardrobe for the new season, these trends are going to give you some ideas.

  • Bras as Top

2010s fashion is back. This season, it is all about bearing skin. You can wear it with skirts or baggy jeans.

  • Fringe

Fringe details appeared in Fall/Winter 2021 and they are going to continue to take the fashion world.

  • Mini Skirt

This season hemlines will be shorter and mini skirts will be literally everywhere. You can pick something colorful such as pink for the spirng season.

  • All White

This season dreamy sheer clothes (especially gowns) in white will be very popular.

  • Suits

This season colorful suits will be trendy. Designers paired it with bra and bikini tops on runways. You can for a dinner out.

  • Black and White

This contracting combination is elegant and timeless. You can complete your look with a blazer or shawl.

  • Oversize Jackets

This season trends are more sexy than last year but oversize jackets all will be popular and they look nice with bra tops.

  • Tailored Shorts

This season tailored shorts will be more trendy than denim ones. You can wear it with jackets for elegant look.

  • Big Pants

Wide, sloucchy trends will be everywhere. You can pair it with oversize blouse or jacket. If you prefer more feminine look, you can pair it with bra tops.

  • Sheer

After the spending two years wearing yoga pants, sexy sheer fabrics will be having a real moment. You can layered to have a modest look.

  • Low Waist

High rise jeans have dominated fashion for over a decade but this Spring 2000s low waist trend will way back to as a trend. You can bring 2000s trend by opitng cropped top.

  • Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts are coming back this season. From plain to printed, ther really are no rules.

  • Yellow

Recent years, I adore yellow color in nails and clothes and I am really glad to see that yellow will be color of the Spring and Summer.

  • Netted Knits

This season netted knit tops, dresses even bags will be everywhere. Whether you are heading for date night or to the beach you will desire to wear netted knit.

What is your favorite Spring/Summer 2022 Trends? Let me know it below

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