Hello Angels,

Every bride wants to look irresistible on her special day. So, you should think every small detail.

Between signing of your marriage certificate and the detailed shots of your hands, your mani will be star of your wedding.

After picking your wedding gown, accessories and a hairstyle, select a mani type. Would you prefer long nails or short? Which color would you like to?

Ultimately, there are plenty of options for wedding mani. You can be creative or traditional.

If you can’t decide your wedding mani, this post can be helpful.  In today’s post, I would like to share 2023 bridal nail ideas.

  • Glazed Donut Nails

Hailey Bieber nails, Glazed Donut nails are popular since last year. They are modern and lovely.

  • French

French nails are timeless. If you prefer simplicity and sophistication, you can prefer classic French nails.

This style allows you to complement with various nail art elements:

  • rhinestones

  • pearls

  • crystal designs.

Colorful Shades

Classic white and French nails will always be popular but colorful shades are very popular as a bridal nail.

If you prefer something different than usual, you can consider to use colors, such as;

  • Cream

  • Mint

  • Beige

  • Pale pink

  • Nude

  • Chocolate

  • Metallic

Floral Designs

For statement mani, you can consider floral designs in colors gold and silver. Floral designs amazing for spring wedding look.

  • Romantic White

There are two types of whie mani. One of them is modern and the other one is traditional. You can use white nail polish without any nail art.

If you prefer something bold, you can opt classic white shade with crystals, rhinesotes, floral motifs, etc.

  • Gold Details

You can add some shimmery on your nails with gold desing.

What is your favorite bridal nail trend? Let me know it below

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