Hello Angels,

I love to read and add season’s favorite trends on my wardrobe and beauty routine. Nail trends are one of my favorite type of trends to follow.

Whether you love long nails or keep your nails sjorts, 2023 nail trends have a something for everyone.

In today’s post, I would like to share Spring – Summer 2023 major nail trends.

  • Natural nails

Natural nails are trendy since last year and they will be continue to be popular this year. You can opt pink nude nail polished to create natural nail look.

  • Embellished nails

From makeup to nails, embellished look wil lbe very popular. In past, nail jewels were on long nails. This year we are going to see them on short nails.

  • Ombre nails

You can have an ombre nails in every shade. If you prefer something bold, you can opt ombres in high contrast.

  • Barbiecore

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s Barbie movie will bring Barbiecore pink into fashion and nails. To bring some Barbie vibes, you can opt pink nail polish.

  • Shades of milk

Shades of milk are perfect as a nude nail polish. They look stylish and natural.

  • Glazed Donut

This is one of my favorite nail trend and I am glad to see also this year. Hailey Bieber made glazed donut nails popular in 2022. This year this trend will be continue to popular.

  • Lipgloss nails

The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is going to continue to be popular trend also this year which is is a healthy and natural look.

Lipgloss nail is a part of this trend. It features sheer and neutral nail polishes.

Which is your favorite nail trend? Let me know it below

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