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Once upon a time, spring and summer were wedding season. After pandemic, this mentality changed. Many couples couldn’t have a wedding and now they want to celebrate their special day with their family and friends, no matter the season and month is.

There are so many influx of delayed weddings. For this reason, we are going to see a lot of weddings.

 When it comes to planning a wedding, there are plenty of details need to have in place. Wedding venue, color palette, decoration, etc.

One of the most important things is wedding gown. There are plenty of cuts and brands. Even you don’t follow trends, 2023 wedding gown trends can be helpful to pick your perfect wedding gown.

The last two years, trends were simple. This year, wedding gown trends are flamboyant. There are  a lot details like embellished, bow and colorful gowns. Contemporary designs like mini dresses are one of the popular 2023 trends.

Here are the 2023 wedding gown trends.

  • High Neck Gowns

This year, high neck gowns will be popular wedidng gown for fall. They are elegant and sophisticated.

  • Long Sleeves

This year, there are going to be a lot of fall and winter wedidngs. That’s why there are trends suitable for these seasons. One of the trend is voluminous long sleeve gowns.

If you prefer something timeless, you can opt classic long sleeves.

  • High Thigh Slit Gowns

Slits have been a staple of bridal fashion trend for years. This year, they are more sexy than ever

  • Mini Dresses

The mini dresses continue to popular as contemporary wedding fashion.

  • Opera Gloves

Bridgerton’s impact on bridal fashion continues. Last year, Regency era inspired corsets were popular. This year opera gloves follow.

  • Embellished Sheer Fabrics

Bold designs takes place in 2023. Many designers incorporated crystal embellishements with wedding gowns.

  • Ballgowns

Even mini dresses are one of the popular bridal They often paired with a bodice and featured with embellishments.

  • Colors

Designers use colorful flower prints on wedding gowns for years. This year, not prints but colorful gowns are very popular. Especially in pale pink and blue.

  • Capes

Capes are sophisticated and elegant. They are very popular bridal trend.

What is your favorite wedding gown trend? Let me know it below

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