Hello Angels,

Stair climbing machine has been a part of my workout  at gym for months. I thought that it is too much fun but frankly, it is very hard.

Even I don’t like it too much, I use the climbing machine at least three times a week. I am trying to make it enjoyable my sessions because according to trainers, it has plenty of benefits.

To motivate myself to make stair climbing machine, I made research about it.

If you don’t like it like me, today’s post can be motivational for you.

Accoridng to my researches, here are the benefits of stair climbing to worth to make it our workout routine.

  • Lower Body

With each step we activate the major muscle groups in our lower body which includes hamstring and glutes.

The strenght we build in our lower body leads to lift more weight and better performance with exercises like cycling and running.

  • Core strength

Our core engage to keep our balance on climbing machine which results increased core strenght.

If you want more visible result, you should less rely on the machine’s rails for hand support to use active your core more.

  • Burn a lot of calories

Lifting our body weight seems easy. Actually it is harder than lifting weights.

According to trainers, we burn large numbe rof calories in a short amount time.

  • Promotes posture

Climbing machine promotes better posture as we climb.

  • Improves mood

According to some articles, it boosts our mood and reduces stress level.

  • Healthier bones

According to studies, climbing stairs increases bone mass and reduces natural bone loss thends to increase as your age.

Have you ever used climbing machine? If you used it , what do to think? Let me know it below

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