Hello Angels,

Summer is around the corner and people are focusing on their body image more. Summer time we wear lightweight clothes and we tend to criticize ourself more.. Scrolling through Intragram and seeing people with toned bodies going on #beachlife #bikinilifestyle make many women feel horrible (No matter how wonderful they are).

According to researches,  more than 90% of women are unhappy with their body which is horrible. The more time people spend on Instagram, the lower their self esteem. Unfortunately this is true because I know many people who compare themselves with people on the social media.

But instead of feeling bad, inspired by them. If you want to have a body like them, they can be an amazing motivation for your goal.

For some people, it is impossible to have the body they desire because of their sickness or medicine they use. They are some health conditions and medicines that make you bloat.

Everybody has different body type and metabolism rate. Comparing yourself with someone else is wrong. You should love yourself in every condition. A beautiful body doesn’t only mean to have a toned body.

Poor body image has a huge impact on your life than you think. Negative thoughts can result depression.

First of all, you should change your thoughts about your body. We are human and our body can change any moment due to many conditions such as health. Toned people can become plump and plump person can become toned.

Your body image doesn’t your beauty but your confidence, your attitude does. In today’s post I would like to talk about steps to body confidence.

  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

When you think something negative about your body, replace with the positive one. Concentrate on positive things about your body, about yourself.

  • Be grateful

Don’t waste your precious time and energy with negative feelings. Make a list of what you are grateful for. This can be your health, your beautiful legs or even your long lashes. Instead of saying my thighs are fat focus on what your thighs allow you to do?

Unfortunately some people are not lucky enough to walk.

  • Take care of your body

Don’t punish your body. Our body is like our temple and treat it well. Lift it with words. Cook healthy food for yourself. Not because the weight but for vitamins. Fruits and vegetables a lot of nutrition benefits and you can award yourself by adding them into your diet.

  • Dress well

Your body weight shouldn’t be decisive when you pick clothes. I know many women who prefer lousy dresses to hide their body. Everybody has different body types. Once you learn how to dress for your body type, you can build stylish wardrobe.

  • Be aware that what you see in the social media probably has been edited

Most of pictures on social media have been retouched. It means that the person in the photo look completely different in real life.

  • Feel Good

Be confident about yourself. Feeling good is more important than your body size. Stop focusing on what you could be. Instead, focus on that you are good enough exactly.

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