Hello Angels,

Putting together a stylish outfit can make you feel stressful even when your closet is full of clothes. With some styling basics, you can pick out perfect outfit effortlessy every time.

Here are the steps to choose the perfect outfit every time.

  • Check the weather forecast

Checking the weather forecast is a good starting point. If you know how the weather is going to be, you can eliminate a lot of choices which makes easier to something out. If the weather is going to be cold, you can opt outerwear and layers. If it is going to be sunny and warm, you can opt light colors and clothes in lightweight fabric.

  • Occasion and statement you want to make

The occasions you are dressing is very important when it comes to picking outfit. What occasion will you dress for? For date night or brunch with your friends.  You also need to think about the statement you want to make with your outfit choice. Do you want to feel confident or comfortable or both?

  • Pick your base (includes underwear)

The choice of underwear is as important as the outfit. A wrong selection of underwear can ruin look of the outfit. Underwear choice is also important for our mood. A nice underwear always elevate our mood.

First, pick first later of clothing – dress or top and bottom. Later, choose underwear to match the outfit.

  • Pick the shoes

Your shoes need to appropriate for the occasion and  with your outfit.  Your shoes can make your entire outfit. How you want them to make you feel. Theni choose the pair you have in your closet that fits your needs.

  • Accessorize

Accessorizing is so much fun. If you are not sure how to accessorize, start with one statement piece. You can also layer items like necklaces.

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