Hello Angels,

Exercise is indispensabile for me. I exercise at least five days a week. I always research new exercise types and healthy eating.

I always hear benefits of stretching but I never constantly did it. I am always the worst one in yoga and pilates classes because I am not flexibile even for a little bit 😀

I know stretching makes you flexible but I am not motivated because of my zero flexibility.

I love to do changes in my workout routine and this time I added stretching into my routine. When you do constantly, it really helpful.

I figured out that It doesn’t have only physical benefits but also have mental benefits.

In today’s post, I would like to share the benefits of stretching.

Before you do stretching, make sure you do it safely. If you do it incorrectly, you can hurt yourself.

First of all don’t consider as a warm up. If you stretch cold muscles , you may hurt yourself. Warm up five to ten minutes before strecthing.

If you are not sure how to do stretching, you can watch some videos on Youtube. Pamela Reif and Mary Braun have amazing videos about this.

Benefits of Stretching

  • Improves flexibility

According to researches, stretching increases flexibility. I do stretching almost for two months and It is true.

  • Improve posture

A good posture is important for our health. Many of people has poor posture and they are not aware of it.

Stretching helps to stretch specific muscle groupls and reduce muscle imbalances.

  • Decrease muscle soreness

If you give your body time to cool down after a workout with stretching, your blood flow increases, help deliver nutrients to your body and muscle and aid with the recovery process

  • Improve your physical activity performance

Especially stretching is amazing for athletes because it improes performance in physical activities. According to researches, it helps to prepare the muscles for the activity.

  • Reduce stress

When you expeience stress, muscles become tense. That’s why many people have pain on their neck and shoulder. Focus on areas of your body such as upper backi neck and shoulders.

It is also a good exercise for meditation and mindfulness.

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