Hello Angels,

I studied fashion design in Rome and many people find interesting. Because Milan is the capital of fashion and many people prefer to study in Milan.

When I was around 12-13 years old I visited Italy with my mother for holiday. We have been many cities such as Milan, Venice, Rome, etc. I liked Milan but I liked Rome more. Milan modern and metropolitan vibe. It is a center of media, finance and fashion but I never considered to study there. I only researched universities in Rome.

 I guess one of the reasons  I chose Rome is the exact opposite of the city I was born, İstanbul. İstanbul is a metropolitan city. Of course , there are historical sites but it has modern and metropolitan vibe.

Rome is one of the preferred Italian city by tourists and students. It is full of historic and cultural sites,  I love classical and artistic atmosphere of Rome. It inspires me for design. I love to have a glimpse of  the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo in my free times. I live in Rome for nine years and still this historical sites make me happy.

If you want to stroll on the streets and experience history and culture while you study fashion, Rome is a perfect choice. But if you prefer a modern, metropolitan and feel only the vibe of fashion, Milan is the right choice.

Milan has the largest student population in Italy.  Some of the popular fashion schools (such as Naba) located in this wonderful city. Students in Milan have the chance the see world’s largest cathedral, the Duomo di Milano and Leonardo da Vinci’s popular painting The Last Supper while they study fashion.

Which city do you prefer for study? Milan or Rome? Let me know it below

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