Hello Angels,

Many people ask my university experience in Rome so today I decided to write about my university experience.

I have a bachelor degree in fashion design. In Italy, bachelor degree can be achieved after three years.

One of the most questions asked to me why I studied in Rome instead of Milan. Because Milan is known capital of fashion. It is one of the four fashion capitals in the world. The city is home to many Italian and international brands and design schools. Many important fashion events like Fashion Week held in Milan.

The reason I studied in Rome is that I love Rome more than Milan. I have been in Milan two times. It is a wonderful city. There are so many lovely restaurants, cafes and stores but Rome seemed to me better place for live.

Rome offers a lot of history and art. To design clothes, you need to be inspired by something and Rome gives me an inspiration.

I studied fashion design in a private Italian university. My university has many brances in many cities and countries. There are also programs in English but I prefered to study in Italian to learn Italian better.

I studied high school in Barcelona and my high school was an international American high school. I didn’t have an opportunity to adapt Spanish language. I picked Italian university with an Italian bachelor degree program to adapt the Italian culture.

Everybody things that studying fashion design is very easy. That’s not true. It is very difficult and needs a discipline. In three years bachelor degree, you focus on things such as;

  • Pattern making

  • Trend analysis

  • Graphic and visual communication

  • Analysis of the market and of the client

  • Creation of designs for the fashion show.

In final thesis, you should prepare a fashion collection. You should design, sew and display the collection in the fashion show. To design, you should have knowledge of sewing and finishing details.

I took classes such as;

  • Art History

  • Marketing

  • Textile Design

  • Drawing

  • Visual Arts

  • Shoe Design

  • Sewing

When I started to study fashion design, I didn’t have an idea about sewing. I took some drawing classes but my drawing was not good for university. My university accepts students who doesn’t know sew or draw but unfortunately some professors were not gentle.

If you think to study fashion design, I highly recommend that learn sewing and drawing. I didn’t know anything and studying fashion design was so hard for me.

I had also language problem. Before I start to university, I studied Italian but my Italian was not sufficient in my first year. I was feeling insecure because of the language and I was avoiding to speak Italian. My classmates were mostly Italian and they were really understanding.

One of the best things about my university is my classmates. They were helpful, nice and understanding.

Unfortunately, I can’t say same things about my professors. They were preparing us to business life. Working in fashion field is so hard and challening. That’s why proffessors were so harsh but their actions didn’t motivate me besides they made me hate the fashion which I willingly study.

Especially my thesis time was like torture. In my thesis, I had to prepare a fashion collection. I decided to design corsets. In our last year, we focused on only thesis. Especially one month before presentation, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t go out and focused on my collection. Even my mother helped me but until last minute, I couldn’t finish my project. When you prepare a collection, time is not enough. Until last minute, you try to finish.

Especially in my last week before presentation, I literally didn’t sleep, I didn’t even look my phone for five minutes. I just prepared my collection. I finished my collection one hour before presentation.

I saw nightmares for months about my thesis even after graduation. Do I regret to study fashion design?

Absolutely not. Because I was always interested in fashion and if I didn’t study fashion design, it would always remain my heart. But if I study something else like literature then I would regret it.

I am glad to study fashion design but I don’t prefer to work for fashion brands. I am happy to found my brand and I want to work only for myself.

Studying fashion design taught me disipline and use my time effectively. In fashion, every second, every minute is important and you don’t have a luxury of spending pointless.

Living in Italy and studying in this wonderful country is an amazing experience and I recommend you study in Italy at least one year. Italy is the protagonist of art and design movements for decades which has an impact on national and international level.

Italy is a perfect country for many things such as;

Try new tastes from delicious Italian cuisine, from small run restaurants to elegant restaurants.

  • Social life

  • Warm weather

  • Late shopping (shops close late in Rome)

  • Classmates are friendly

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