The winter’s inevitable piece is coat. We can’t leave the house without a coat in cold winter days.

Also there are certain shades that demand our caution and attention when we wear them. One of the scary winter color is white. Most of the women don’t want to wear any white pieces in winter time because It is difficult to maintain fresh and clean and you can’t have it during rainy days since apart from getting dirty immediately.

The beautiful actress Julia Roberts is a inspiration for us because in her daily life she integrated white coat into sporty look to elegant look. She takes risks and knows how to make it perfect.

There are many style tricks to wear white coat. For example you can wear with a black bottom or black leather pants and complete with black turtleneck top.

The other trick is you can combine cashmere white coat with sexy little black dress and look stylish as never.

Victoria Beckham’s looks are amazing also. She mostly combines with red shades such as bordeaux.

What do you think about white color and white coat in winter time?

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