Hello Angels,

We are in last month of the summer and summer means travel. Even in this particular moment, many people started to go to holiday.

Ultimately, comfort plays a large part in our life. Millions of people travel frequently and most of them filled their luggage with chic new outfits but the reality is that your travel outfits need to be equal parts stylish and comfortable. Achieving tihs balance is very easy.

Airport key pieces should be wrinkle resistant because you will sit in a airplane for a long time. Of course it depends on the destination you are going but at least you should be in airplane for 45 minutes. The best airport clothes shouldn’t you slow down and make you twitch uncomfortably in your cabin seat.

Also, be prepared for a flight delay.  It is nice to wear something stylish but comfortable when you wait at the airport.

The best thing about summer is lightweight clothes. You can wear a versatile dress and complete your look with a flat shoes. It is comfortable and chic combination.

I would like to share four best pieces from my online store for airport. There are comfortable and versatile.

Cape Dress

In airplanes, we need something to cover  ourselves because of the air conditioning. This cape dress’ cape part can be used as a shawl. In autumn time when I need something to cover myself in the very early morning or evening, I always use cape side as a shawl.

It is a practical, comfortable and stylish dress and I highly recommend it.


Love At First Sight Off The Shoulder Top

If you prefer to wear trousers or shorts, you can complete your look with this top. It is a loose cut so if you are bloated, it is a perfect piece to cover your abdomen.

Handmade Honey Honey Dress

As you know me  I love maxi dresses so much. This dress is amazing for airport. It is comfortable and chic.

Handmade Love Potion Dress

If you prefer something more stylish and comfortable, I recommend you handmade Love Potion dress. You can style it various ways.


What do you prefer to wear at airports? What is your favorite piece from Love in Rome Boutique? Let me know below

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