Hello Angels,

It is time to update our wardrobes from winter looks to spring outfits! While winter demands heavy coats, spring ushers essentials like short dresses and sweatshirt.

Of course It is a little bit early to refresh your wardrobe but you can start slowly. Especially If you are living in Italy, in recent weeks, weather is amazing.

I wanted to start monday with one of my favorite dress from my online store, cape dress. It is very useful. You can use cape side like a shawl. I love to use it that way.

Alternative Color Palette

You don’t have to be an artistic person for select colors. We encounter situations where we have to select colors for something especially every morning when we get dressed.

Until I study Fashion Design, I didn’t know how can mix and match colors. It was very difficult to complete outfits for me. Now I can mix and match colors very well but as you notice, I always pick basic colors. It is my personal style, personal choice. When I prepare daily outfit posts, I create alternative color palette for an inspiration.

Today I picked black, nude and grey colors to complete this dress.

What is your alternative color palette for this look?

Style Tips

Style tip is a little bit depends on weather. Some countries have very rainy springs. I live in Italy so I style outfits according to Italian weather.

Italy has a changeable weather especially in spring time. In the mornings, the weather is cold and midday starts to become very hot. Of course some days are rainy. For example last november, weather was rainy. Almost all november rained and I was waiting very cold and rainy winter but It didn’t go that way. In winter time, weather was amazing. Of course mornings were freezing but there was no rain.

If I return to my topic you can style in these ways;

  • Try on with tights, pumps and classic handbag.

Handbag is very important. A nice quality handbag completes outfit perfectly. I recommend Michael Kors or Furla handbag. Especially I adore Michael Kors’ medium Mercer handbag.

  • You can wear with thigh high boots.

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