Hello Angels,

Personally, a stylish woman is not just a person who has a fashion sense. Today, there are many women who pick trendy items and become ‘ stylish’. To me, stylish women effortlessly sophisticated and creates her own fashion rules.  Style is not something you can buy but you can create own.

There is no to do list or rule  that all stylish women adhere, there are a few habits that help to be a stylish woman.

In today’s post I would like to stylish women habits

  • They don’t copy looks from blogs or street style

In this digital age, we have infinite source of celebrities street style photos. Pinterest and Instagram are one of the great sources to get inspired. Figuring out new trends and seasonal outfits from these online places are good but it isn’t a good idea to go out and copy the exact look.

A true stylish woman get inspired but create the similar vibe by different piece of clothes, accessories and brands.

  • Stylish women plan their outfit night before

If they need to wake up early to go somewhere, they pull out the outfit night before to save from panic the next morning.

  • Stylish women select right underwear

Underwear as important as outfit. A wrong selected underwear can ruin outfit literally. They plan their underwear for the silhouette and fabric of the outfit.

  • Stylish women find something almost anywhere

They have zero snob factor. They know  only wearing label clothes don’t make them stylish. They are not addicted to expensive brands. They check any store and buy. They also perfectly mix and match both high and low fashion. They invest in a classic pieces such as Burberry trenchcoat and complete their look with lower price piece.

  • Stylish women don’t follow trends strictly

Stylish women have fun with fashion and get inspired by trends but they don’t follow all trends 100%. They have own fashion sense and adapt only some trendy pieces into their style.

  • Stylish women keep their closed organized

A stylish women always hang up, fold and put away their clothes instead of throw them around. That’s why they know every piece on thir wardrobe and create stylish looks.

  • Stylish women pick weather appropriate clothes

You may wear the most stylish clothes but either is rainy, it can be ruined. Pieces such as white jeans and suede shoes ruin easily by rain.

  • Stylish women dress for the occasion

Stylish woman never under or overdressed. They always wear right pieces for the occasions.

  • Stylish woman pay attention to small styling details

Small style details such as tucking in your top cab make outfit look totally different. They use styling details appropriate time.

  • Stylish woman pay attention to their hair and makeup

Stylish woman coordinate their make up and hairstyle with their clothes. Hair and makeup are one of the essential things to complete a look.

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