Hello Angels,

Summer in Rome is very different this year (except the hot weather). There is no tourist like before. Streets and stores are not very crowded. First time I see Rome like this.

First days, it was strange for me but I am used to it now. I try to walk and enjoy as possible as I can.

After lockdown, I am more grateful for nature and walking on the streets. Especially in hot summer, I was prefering stay more indoor places with air conditioner but this year I try to stay at home or indoor places less possible I can.

Honestly, I am not still feeling ready to drink or eat something at outside but I love to do shopping and some take photos.

I would like to share my favorite 5 places in Rome right now.

Spanish Steps

Normally Spanish Steps is very crowded and I don’t prefer to visit in afternoon. Even at midnight, there are many people. This year there is no crowded even in afternoon. That’s why I visit which hour I want and enjoy it.

Villa Borghese

This beautiful park is right in the center of Rome. It is very close to Spanish Steps. It contains numeros lakes, statues, fountain and small museums.

There is a Pincio terrace with a panoramic view onto Piazza del Popolo.

I love to spend time there especially in Saturday mornings.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is crowded every hour, every minute. Even 4 in the morning there are people (except this year). This year, even when I visit afternoon, there are a few people. First time, I took a selfie without crowd. I love to go and look the beautiful baroque fountain.

Villa Doria Pamphili

Villa Doria Pamphili is the largest park in Rome. Located in the Monteverde  (It is very close to Trastevere). Like all Rome’s villa parks, it is originally belonged to the papal Pamphili family.

I love to walk in this beautiful park in saturday mornings.


Colosseum is one of the most famouis historical attraction in the world and it atracts tourist every season (except this year). Until this year, walking around the colosseum was very difficult because of the crowd but this year I can walk anytime I want.

What is your favorite place in Rome? Let me know below.