Hello Angels,

This season hats are cute.

If you haven’t found a hat you would be willing to wear, you have probably never come across the stylish one.

This year there an amazing hat trends and I would like to share with you. Each one of the summer 2020 hats appeal to a different kind of styles. I am sure that once you find your favorite style, it will become youur best friend. From headpieces to baseball caps, here are my summer 2020 hat trends.

Straw Hat

Natural materials and straws are very popular this year. Straws are timeless but they upgrated for this season. You can find extra colorful and very wide brimmed straw hats.

Bucket Hats

Buckets are the breakout hats for summer 2020 hat trends. There are in different materials such as organza, white eyelet fabric, crochet and more.


This summer headscarves are a combination of ‘70s influence and boho chic inclinations.  The headscarves are not only stand out as just summer 2020 hair accessories but also summer 2020 hat trends.

This season, they styled as headwraps in different wrapping techniques.

Etro and Celine have an amazing headscarves to try this summer.

Baseball Caps

Summer 2020 hats included baseball caps. Some brands have in upgrated way such  as Stella McCartney who used materials crochet and faux leather visor for a cap.

A Two Toned Hat

If you prefer something different, try two toned option. The juxtaposition of the different colors provides contrast and elevates the look.

A Vintage Scarf Sun Hat

It reminds me of Grece Kelly in To Catch a Thief movie. If you prefer something vintage, scarf sun hats are a perfect choice.

Extra Wide Visor

I believe that extra wide visor hats will be a hit this summer. There are in different materials and colors.

My favorite hat trend is headscarves. What is your favorite hat trend?

Let me know below