Hello Angels,

I love makeup so much and I love to follow makeup trends and products on Instagram. I am not in the market for total reinvention but just simple color swap.

I often prefer natural makeup look. Sometimes I use lipstick in vibrant color such as red. This summer first time I used a yellow eyeliner and I love it so much.

Summer is the season to have fun with makeup. Hot months bring plenty of inspiration for vibrant color makeup looks. Summer requires low effort, high impact makeup that won’t melt off.

Here are the best makeup ideas for 2020

Gold Hues

I love gold hues so much. Is there anything better than gold hue in summer. You can prefer holden highlighter, lip gloss or gold eyeshadow. It is appropriate for both everyday and night occasions.

Wet and Glowly Look

You don’t need a bunch of makeup products and  spend hours for makeup. Just make your skin glow. Aplly a concealer to hide the imperfections and add highlighter on your cheekbones. For lips, pick natural colored or a little bit glowly lipstick.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eye is one the most popular makeup technique and the most used one. You can wear smokey eyes in summer but be sure to use high quality product. You can opt for neutral, shimmery and beige eyeshadow for a fresh summer look.


From a simple blue eyeliner to deep navy look, blue is very makeup trend right now.

Extra Voluminous Lashes

I believe that It is all about the eyes in makeup. You just need a good quality mascara. There are so many brands like Saint Laurent which comes with an brillant mascara that helps achieve false looking lashes.

Colorful Mascara

I haven’t tried colorful mascara yet but this year it is so popular and some of them seems very lovely. Blue and purple shades are my favorite ones. You can use as the last topcoat for a deep sexy eye makeup.

Pink Blush

If you prefer to flushed on hot summer, go with the pink blush .

Satin Lipstick

This summer satin lipsticks are very popular. It creates not quite glossy and not quite matte look.

Neon Eyeliner

I personally don’t prefer bold eyeshadow but I easemy way into wearing colorgul eye makeup by picking colored eyeliner. This year I bought green and yellow eyeliners and I love them so much.

What is your favorite makeup idea for August 2020? Let me know below