Hello Angels,

Update your manicure with these hot shades.

Summer plans might currenty be on hold but don’t pessimistic about it.  Keep your mood positive and a nice nails can help hold you over until we are able to live our normal and fun warm weather lives again. After all, little things are the helpful ones to make us happy.

Want to upgrade your classic go to neutral manicure for this season? From tree greens to dreamy blue, here are best nail colors for this summer.

Channel the brighter days ahead with manicure.

Metallic Rose

Normally shimmery clothes and nail polishes are for holiday season but trends are changing. We can add anything shimmery anywhere and anytime we want.

These days I adore 10 Free Chemistry Clean Nail Color in Platinum Rose Quartz.


I adore yellow nail polish. Especially these days yellow manicure give us a little bit of sunshine. You can try neon shade of yellow – another summer nail trend.

I recommend you Opi’s Don’t tell a sol nail polish. It inspired by the vibrant colors of Mexico City. It sounds very exotic


Coral color is amazing and timeless choice for summer. Instead of sticking to the same coral you have been wearing for years, switch up with something shimmery hue.

Essie Gorge-ous Geodes nail polish is worth to try.


Brighten up your mood with dreamy turquoise nail polish. Turquoise is associated with meanings of calming, sophisticated energy, creativity, refreshing and feminine.

Nowadays Pear Nova Nail Polish in my Candy rain is my favorite.


Red nail polish is classic. Call it scarlet or cherry – every tone of red is sexy and feminine.

Nowadays my favorite red nail polish is Smith & Cult’s Kundalini Hustle

Which nail colors do you prefer? What is your favorite nail color trend right now? What is your favorite nail polish trend?

Let me know your thoughts below