Hello Angels,

This year almost all countries have different summer than usual. Everything is better right now in Italy. Social life started but with new rules such as wearing masks in indoor places and keeping the distance between each other. Honestly, first days these rules made me feel sad but I am ok now.

Especially this summer is very different in Rome because Rome always hosts millions of tourists. Borders are open now but there is no tourist like last year. I believe that August will be better but of course it will not be like last year.

Summers have longer days and it gives me time to enjoy more in the daylight. We had to remain at home almost two months and now I prefer to wear summer dresses and sandals and take some beautiful Rome pictures.

Normally I don’t like very hot weather and crowded places. Temperatures tend to range from 25 to 35 and humidity brutally high. Afternoon streets are crowded but as I mentioned before It is not like last year.

Another difference this year is summer nightlife in Rome. Just like many cities with river, Rome’s river bank get flooded with shops, restaurants and bars during the summer. But this summer exceptional and there are no restaurants or shops.

I personally prefer outdoor activities right now such as walking around and discover new shops. Normally drinking coffee and eating dessert are one of my favorite things to do but this year I am not very willing to do these because of the virus and because of my healthy lifestyle. I prefer only fresh and healthy products. In past, I was eating an ice cream everyday but now I take care  of my body and I eat once or twice a month.

Still I go out and drink coffee or smoothies and eat something healthy like dessert without sugar or gluten free pizza but not like last year.

Summer 2020 is different but still wonderful in Rome. I am very happy to see people at outside. Except wearing mask and social distance, everything is ok now.

Which country do you live in and how is the situation right now?

Let me know below