Hello Angels,

We are in summer  and summer is wedding season. This year everything is different than usual and weddings hasn’t started yet. I think they will start soon but with new rules.

First days, I was feeling sorry about rules and some changes our lives but I am used to it now. I hope this virus disappears and we return to our normality.

I love hygine rules like using gel before enter the stores but I don’t like to wear mask. I don’t know wearing masks will obligatory in weddings but I am sure that there will be some new rules.

Dressing for summer wedding can be tricky. Along with very hot weather, there is also theme, dress code and venue. While it’s easy to know the basics such as avoiding a revealing gown or wearing white. If you know your body type, fashion style and basic rules for wedding guest gowns, you can even have some fun while picking a dress for wedding.

The key is not stress about the matchy dress with others. Everyone has own fashion style. Just pick something appropriate and flattering.

Best Colors to Wear to a Wedding

If the bride doesn’t have a dress code for you, then any color except white.

Pastels, jewel tones and earth tones are an amazing choices.

What to Wear to a Cocktail Wedding

It is a perfect opportunity to pick different shapes and textures. You can pick something A line with metallic embellishments or structured jumpsuit.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

A maxi dress is perfect choice for beach weddings. The fabric should be breathable for feeling comfortable in the sun and sand.

Handmade Honey Honey maxi dress and handmade Secret Garden dress are perfect for beach weddings.

What to Wear to a Casual Wedding

Even at casual summer weddings, it is important to look polished. You can pick something structured silhouette such as Secret Attraction Dress or A Midsummer Night Dress.

What to Wear to a Party All Night Wedding

The wedding: an evening reception, Dj on deck and full bar ready for a party, the wedding is doubling as the party so sequin dress is perfect for this. Handmade Summer Night and handmade Midnight in Colosseo dresses are an amazing option.

What do you think about summer weddings? What do you prefer to wear?

Let me know your thoughts