Hello Angels,

I love to enjoy and relax during a aperitivo ( happy hour) time

Until last year, Rome was very crowded city because of tourists. This year tourists started to visit again but not like before because of Covid- 19.

I think one of the best things about summer is late nights. One of my favorite thing is drinking coffee or non alcohol cocktail in a bar. I am happy to discover new places and go to my favorite places during summer time.

I prefer places with outdoor tables because I should wear a mask inside of the bar.

In today’s post, I would like to share my favorite places for aperitivo in Rome.

It is in the center of Rome which is very close to Pantheon. They have a nice aperitivo and delicious cocktails. There is a wide selection of vegetarian and organic food.

Rinascente is Rome’s most glamorous mall. It s a department store and It is nice to have aperitivo before shopping. The bar offers breathtaking views over Rome.

  • Andreotti

Andreotti is a popular patisserie in Rome. They serve lunch, gelato and aperitivo. You can take away your favorite desserts. All the products are fresh and delicious. You can grab your drink and favorite food and catch up with your friends during aperitivo time.

  • Duke’s

It is located in Parioli. Duke’s offers one of the best aperitivos in Rome. Great cocktails and delicious foods are worth to visit this spot.

Address: Viale Parioli, 200

  • Ai Tre Scalini

If you are strolling through the Monti neighborhood, you can get yourself to Ai Tre Scalini for a relax. It is an enchanting place. Delicious foods and drinks are waiting for you.

Adress: Via Panisperna, 251

Have you ever visited one of these places? Let me know it below

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