Hello Angels,

Summer is around the corner. After restrictions and lockdowns, we really need a joyful summer.

Want to healthy mind and body? Summer is perfect season to start health challenges. Because days are longer and hotter so you will feel more motivated for exercise and eating healthy is easier because of the hot weather, we are not able to eat high calorie foods. There are plenty of vegetables and fruits in summer time so it is very easy to prepare delicious healthy foods and desserts.

Change your habits for one month and see the results.We all want to be healthy, be fitter and feel better. With this health challenge, you can build habits for healthy and happy life.

In today’s post I would like to share health challenge for summer.

  • Eat nutritious, healthy foods

A healthy meal keeps energized and productive during the day. Even if you are outside and healthy, grab some fruit and nuts.

  • Drink at least 2 l water

Hydration is more important in summer time. Hot weather increases dehydration. Dehydraion has many unhealthy effects on you such as, less energy and headache.

  • Read a book at least 30 minutes a day

Reading a book has many healthy effects on us such as calms the mind and make you stay in the present.

  • Meditate 5 minutes a day

According to researches, meditation has many good effects on us. One of the benefits are reduces street.

  • Gratitude

There is a lot to be thanful for. Express gratitude or write fown something new that you are thnkful for everyday.

  • Detox from the digital world

I personally love social media because I use for my job and I learn new things. But spending time on your phone is not healthy. At least one hour before bed, put your phone down and feel present in the moment.

  • Be active 30 minutes a day

You don’t have to do heavy exercises. You can only walk 30 minutes a day. Hot summer days are very motivating to stay and spend some time at outside.

  • Stretch 5 minutes a day

Stretching has many benefits such as calm your mind and improves your posture. Spend 5 minutes a day for stretching.

  • Sleep at least 8 hours

A nice sleep is very important to a healthy lifestyle. Try to sleep at least 8 hours for one month and seel the results.

  • Get outside

Spending some time outside, decreases stress and boosts mental wellbeing. At least spend 15 minutes outside everyday.

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