Hello Angels,

The days we waited have arrived, summer days. Every season is magical and all of them offer a lot of lovely things. This year, we all waited summer because of the Covid 19.

Last winter, we couldn’t enjoy so much in festive season. We spent a lot of time at home and most of people couldn’t meet their parents and friends.

Covid- 19 rules started to ease in Italy last April. One of my favorite place which is gym is open now and I go there four days a week 🙂 I literally can’t start my day without gym.

One of my favorite thing about now is seeing tourists again. Rome is an international city and attracts millions of tourists every year. Since March 2020 the country was not open for non EU countries. First time in my life, my parents couldn’t visit me more than a year.

Before Covid, my typical summer day was waking up early and going to gym. Later, I was drinking coffee at home and starting to work. If I have a free time, I was reading a book with the air conditioner on and afternoon, I was going out for walk, meet with my friends or drink/ something. Now, I want to spend my every minute outside. This can be at park, at restaurant any outside place.

Now I grab my laptop and I work outside. One of the best thing about working from home is picking your workplace. One day I can work at bar next day I can work at the park.

In today’s post I would like to share the best things to do during hot summer in Rome.

  • Replace espresso or cappucino with coffee granita

I drink coffee two times a day which is before gym and after gym. I drink coffee early in the morning and my second coffee choice which is after gym I prefer coffee granita or iced coffee.

Granita is shaved iced with flavors such as mint and mint. It is delicious and refreshing.

  • Gelato

I can’t imagine Rome without gelato. Especially if you are in Rome for holiday, gelato is one the best way and delicious way to stay cook.

Roman interpretation of granita; Grattachecca

You can find grattachecca almost every corner of Rome. They come in many flavors. I highly recommend you to try.

  • Trip to outside of Rome

There are so many little towns out of the Rome. Some of them have lakes and sea. All of them are wonderful places to visit. You can eat your lunch during relax at the beach.

  • Take a break at park

Rome has wonderful parks. You can find many people there during lunch time. Some of them work, some of them read a book and some of them have a lunch there.

  • Pool

If you want to spend time inside of the Rome, you can opt pool. There are many hotels offer pool service.

  • Aperitivo at rooftop

Rome is a wonderful city and rooftops offer magnificient view of Rome. Especially in the sunset, view is amazing. Gather with the people at the rooftop. It is perfect opportunity catch up and drinking your favorite cocktail during sunset.

What is your favorite thing to do in summer time? Let me know below

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