Hello Angels,

Your favorite time of the year has arrived,  summer.  The sun is shining, music is pumping and covid-19 cases are decreasing. From beauty to home decoration, I have everything you need to make the season vibrant Whether you are planning a staycation during the pandemic or going to a vacation, here are the lovely products to buy.

In summer, humid makes our hair dry. This mask protects, repairs and polishes colored hair.

This is a long lasting invesment. I use it for years. This is very effective and make skin smooth.

  • Blender

A kitchen must have for delicious and healthy smoothies. Summer without smoothies? I don’t think so.

Recommendation : Moulines Perfect Mix

  • Water Bottle

It is nice for gym or garden meeting to keep your drinks cold up to 36 hours.

Recommendation: Water bottle that keeps cold

  • Ice Pop Molds

You can make your own nutritious and delicious homemade ice creams.

It is my favorite shampoo right now. The violent pigment formula wash away unwanted yellow in your hair. Especially when you are at pool or beach, the hair becomes unwanted yellow easly. You can extend the time between salon visits.

This mask packed with vitamins. You can use it for face and body.

93% of ingredients are natural origin, the vitamin mask offer a true skincare concentrate of vitamins for visible results from the first use.

This is an moisturizer with hyaluronic acid which visibly plump skin. Leaving skin glowing and preppred for flawless makeup.

This is a long wearing primer than used under or instead of foundation for brighter look and smoother skin.

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