Hello Angels,

Let’s face it. There is nothing worse then  going out and realizing that you forgot to put something into your bag.

I usually prefer large sized bags because I have many things to carry.  My friends always curious what is in my bag because my bag is always big and heavy :D. Sometimes I use small one but I am not feeling comfortable because I can’t put many things.

  • Lipstick

  • Keys

  • Cellphone

  • Wallet

  • Airpods

  • Mask ( Wearing mask is obligatory inside and outside but I carry extra mask as a backup)

  • Hand sanitizer ( I am obsessed about hand sanitizer before the pandemic)

  • Agenda ( I don’t use my cellphone as an agenda. I still prefer the classic ones.)

  • Pen

  • Perfume

  • Rose face spray ( It is nice for refreshment)

  • Nuts ( I always prefer nuts as a healthy snack )

  • Wet wipes

What is your must have product in your bag? Let me know below

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