Hello Angels,

Romance is in the air!

Summertime dates are amazing. You don’t have to wear bulky coat and scarf. But we should accept that this summer is different than others. We have to carry a mask. Every country have different rules but in Rome you have to wear it indoor places. Who cares indoor places (except supermarkets) when rooftop bars are open.

I think negative side of summer is temperature. Outside is very hot but indoor places are freezing. Especially after the lockdown, I prefer outside.

Dressing for a date night in summertime can be difficult. It is hard to figure out how to dress for a date in hot weather. It is even harder to feel good when you are sweating almost every second.

Whether it is your first date or you are already in a relationship, I would like to share some fashion tips to make you feel comfortable, adorable and confident even when you feel like sweat coming off.


Many women can’t decide date night outfit because of the unknown factor of where you are going.

Your outfit should be casual, chic, cool and comfortable. You can play up  the accessories.

I don’t prefer high heels in first date. Pumps can be undoubtedly sexy but walking can be difficult (especially in Rome). The best thing is wearing comfortable shoes so you can be up for anything.

There is nothing wrong wearing a dress or skirt but don’t wear very short skirt or dress in first date. Because in first date, you don’t know anything about his character and intention and with short dress or skirt you can send different signal to him.  Wear something comfortable and a little bit modest.

If you are planning to wear a brand new outfit, I recommend you opt for a tried and true getup. You never be sure  how your a brand new outfit is comfortable when you sit in, highlight sweat stain or just uncomfortable.

Less Makeup

Obviously you are going to do makeup but less is definitely better. Of course this is your personal choice but your makeup should make you feel beautiful and comfortable.

What do you prefer to wear in date night? Let me know it below

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