Hello Angels,

Cleanse your body with these refreshing detox waters.

I am into detox waters for a long time. Especially in summer time, cold detox water refreshes me and help anti bloating.

Many people underestimate power of water. They concentrate on strict diets and cardio.

According to studies, water increases the metabolism and help you lose weight.

You can combine plain water with superfoods such as lemon, cucumber, etc. to create detox water. It reduces bloating and help you slim your waist.

In today’s post I would like to share best detox water recipes for debloat.

  • Cucumber Lemon Water

You need;

1 litre water

1 lemon

½ cucumber

5 mint leaves

Cut slices lemon and cucumber then crush the mint leaves then add water.

If you prefer cold, refrigerate the water overnight.

If you prefer something different, you can replace lemon with lime.

  • Lime and ginger

750 ml water

6 lime slices

½ teaspoon lime juice

6 ginger slices

½ teaspoon ginger juice

  • Lemon celery and cucumber

1 litre water

½ cucumber

2 large stalks celery

3 lemon slices

  • Mango, lemon and pineapple

If you prefer something tropical, you can try this delicious detox water.

You need;

1 litre water

4 lemon slices

½ cup cubed pineapple

½ cup cubed mangoes

  • Apple, lemon and mint

1 litre water

2 sliced lemons

½ apple

6 mint leaves

  • Kiwi, cucumber and mint

1 litre water

½ kiwi

½ cucumber

6 mint leaves

  • Mint, rosemary, lemon and cucumber

1 litre water

½ cucumber

2 sliced lemon

6 mint leaves

5 sprigs of rosemary

  • Strawberry and mint detox water

1 liter water

4 strawberries sliced

6 mint leaves

What is your favorite detox water for debloat? Let me know it below

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