Hello Angels,

Since last year, our travels,friends’s gatherings and date nights are cancelled. We turned out attention to the things we can control, ourselves.

We are more tend to make mindful decisions, the relationships we invest in and about the way we spend our time.

Also we figured out the most important relationship is our relationship with ourselves. How do you treat yourself? Do you take care of your body and mental health?

Fashion is one of the best way to comunicate people without words. A well groomed woman means she cares for herself.

We love trends but no trend piece is complete without the wardrobe essentials. They are the items that we complete our look. From classic black dress to white t-shirts, they are the pieces that every summer wardrobe requires.

If you want to look trendy and stylish in this sunny season, here is the list to guide you through must have summer clothing essentials so that you can have the most stylish season ever.

  • Boyfriend Jeans

I love skinny jeans but they are not comfy in hot, sticky summer.

Boyfriend jeans are comfortable, casual and so cool.

  • White T-Shirt

White T-shirt might be cliche but is is one of the most versatile piece. This simple summer piece can be completed nearly everything and look great. You can wear it with denim shorts, skirts, and jeans. You can never go wrong with this one.

  • Crop or Tank Top

No summer wardrobe is completed without crop or tank top. They have wide variety of options for materials and colors. Whether you are going for lunch or beach, there is a oerfect crop/tank top for you.

  • Shirt Dress

Whether you are going to cafe for brunch or evening drinks with your friendsi shirt dress is an excellent choice.

  • Maxi Dress

When the weather is very hot, tight clothes can be nightmare. It is no wonder why the maxi dress is timeless summer piece. Every woman should have at least one maxi dress in summer wardrobe.

  • White Jeans

Whether you like flared, wide leg or cropped jeans, white is a stylish choice.

  • Denim Shorts

It is my favorite summer piece. You can wear it with T-shirt and sneakers for a casual, stylish look.

  • Classic Two Strap Sandals

This time of the year for rocking two strap sandals. They are elegant, elongate the appearance of legs and perfect with almost every type of dress.

  • Sneakers

I love sneakers but I personally don’t wear sneakers so much in summer time. Because sneakers also can be worn i winter time but summer shoes like wedges can’t be worn during cold winter.

Sneakers are perfect with summer dresses. They are comfortable and saviour for busy days.

  • Sunglasses

There is no better way to complete a summer outfit with sunglasses. Pick your favorite sunglasses type and show your fashion taste.

What is your favorite summer essential outfit?

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