Hello Angels,

I love morning and night routines. Routines are perfect way to take our body and mental health. Most of us always in rush. We take a shower at lightning speed and eat something during watch something.

How do you slow down yourself? One word: Routines

I have morning and night routines for years and they are very helpful especially for lazy people. I honestly can say that I was the lazy one. In past, I was spending so much time on phone instead of concentrating on myself.

The morning and night routines changed my life. I have a time for myself and for my work also I feel healthy.

A good night sleep is an essential for productive, successful morning. It is all about discipline.

Generally summer time we are more relaxed and flexibile. If you don’t have routines, it is perfect time to create for yourself.

In today’s post, I would like to share morning and night routines for summer.

Morning Routines

  • Wake Early

It is not good for everyone because some people are not morning person. If you are morning person, wake up early.

Early mornings are increasng productivity with fewer distractions.

  • Read Affirmations

Affirmations have many benefits on us. You can use to reframe how you think about yourself. They are perfect for prevent negative self talk.

  • Meditate

Even 5 minutes of meditation is good for stillness and energetic morning.

  • Exercise

Exercise is a perfect mood booster. It increases blood flow and releases endorphins. According researches, exercise is key in fighting depression.

You can exercise at outside. Sunny summer days are perfect opportunity to get some vitamin D.

  • Eat Healthy Breakfast

You should respect your body and put healthy food in it. Good carbs, protein and fiber are perfect fuel to give you energy and prevent food cravings.

Night Routine

  • To Do List

Daily or weekly to do lists are very effective. Before go to bed, prepare a to do list for next day or week for a productive morning.

  • Checkup Your Home for Tidiness

Tidy environment always a key for happy mood. Home can become untidy easily, especially kitchen (when you cook)

 Are the dishes lying around ? Is the living room clean and tidy?

I personally can’t concentrate on  eat breakfast when my home is untidy. I want to see my home tidy.

If you want to have an energetic morning, be sure to every room in your house is tidy and clean

  • Prepare Your Outfit For The Next Day

Preparing your clothes for the next day will eliminate stress and save you some time.

  • Remove Your Makeup / Take Care Your Skin

These are indispensable self care habits.

  • Gratitude

Every day is a gift. Before go to sleep, analyze your day and re – evaluate on today’s events. Everyday is not the same, something can cause stress. Concentrate today’s positive things and learn your lesson on negative events Everyday is new beginning and new opportunity. Whatever you focus on, attract it. If yo focus on positive things, you attract positive things.

  • Read Between 30 and 60 Minutes

Reading is a good for sleep and it is good for stillness.

What is your morning and night routine for summer?

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