Hello Angels,

The Summer solstice is the official start of the summer. The solstice occurs on the day that sun reaches its highest point. June 21 is is the longest day of the year.

The Summer solstice is a perfect time to reflect on your personal growth and renewal. This is the moment on the year when there is the most light available. Just pause and soak in the abundant energy of summer.

Things you can do in June 21 are;

  • Go Outside

Take advantage of the longest day. Go to park for relax or stroll down on the streets. Since you have extra daylight, nothing can stop you from taking the longer trail.

  • Stay up all night

In some cultures, people celebrate this lovely day. First day of the summer often called as Midsummer . For example in Spain it is celebrated in June 23. The popular festival called as The Bonfires of Saint John.

When I was living in Barcelona, I had an opportunity attend Saint John ( San Juan in Spanish). San Juan parties often organized at beaches where bonfires are lit. You bring the food, drinks and gather with your friends. All night long there is a music and dance.

I really recommend you visit Barcelona in San Juan.

  • Buy some flowers

Bring nature to your home. Flowers boost our mood and reduce stress.

  • Meditate

Meditation is one of the best way to reflect on your personal growth. Find a spot to lie on your back. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Continue to breathe until you relax. Spend some time reflecting in silence.

  • Journal

Find a spot to sit outside; perhaps outside at a cafe or in the parl. Take a few deep breaths and start to write things you want to let go.

You can do anything that make you feel good and improve your life.

What do you do in summer solsctice? Do you have an ritual? Let me know below

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