Hello Angels,

Even though it is hot outside, working out in the summer is amazing.

Finding a stylish working out outfit can be challenging especially during sweaty summer days. But don’t worry, there is something for every women.

In summer days , it is difficult to find motivation for gym and exercise. What better way to motivate yourself with some cute workout clothes for summer?

A chic workout clothes motivate me for an exercise. You don’t have to go out and research for hours to find work out clothes for you. First do some research on Internet. Which style is good for your body type? Which color do you like?  Then check out the people whose style you like.

Whether you are headed to yoga or going for a walk in the park, these pieces will make you look good and comfortable these summer days.

  • Sports Bra

A good sports bra is an essential. You should pay attention to size of the sports bra. The wrong size can create health problems including neck, back and breast pain.

For the days when it’s too hot to work out,  a sports bra with athletic shorts is perfect. The other days you can wear it with high waisted leggings.

If you are not feeling comfortable wear like a top so you can wear it inside of your t-shirt or tank.

  • Cropped T-shirt

Cropped t-shirts are very cute with leggings.

  • T-Shirt / Tank

It depends on your personal style. Some women prefer fitted tanks, others prefer t-shirt.

  • Ballerina Leggings

Do you love dance fashion?

You can have a ballerina look without having any actual dance skills. The tie up leggings is perfect to channel ballerina look. You can pair it with sports bra or simple t-shirt.

  • Athletic Shorts

When weather is very hot, athletics shorts are perfect choice. They are very comfortable and stylish with sports bra and crop tops.

What is your favorite summer workout clothes? Let me know below

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