Hello Angels,

New year means new healthy habits. We are in fifth day of 2021. Why don’t you swap out  your bad habits to healthy ones?

Bad habits  waste your time, waste your energy and prevent you from accomplishing your goals. They affect your health mentally and physically.

So why we obstinately do them?  Can we swap out bad habits to healthy ones? My answer is yes  we can swap out easily. First we should be aware of what causes bad habits.

According to researches, most of our bad habits are caused by boredom and stress. Bad habits are simply response to stress and boredom.

Sometimes the stress based on deeper issue and these issues can be very tough to think about.  First to all recognaize the causes of your bad habits. Are there certain reasons or beliefs that are behind the bad habits? What is causing you to hold on to something bad for you –  an unpleasant eventi limiting belief or a fear?

If you know the causes of your bad habits, it is time to swap out new and healty substitute in place of bad habits. Let’s begin

There is on common mistake all of us make. Trying to eliminate a bad habit instead of replace it. All of our habits (good or bad) are in our lives for reason. Bad habits are a way to cope with stress. For example, looking your social media as soon as you wake up makes you feel connected. At that time looking at ‘wonderful’ lives make you feel unconfident and make you feel alone. Even make you feel bad, you still continue to do same thing every morning.

The reason is bad habits some way provide type of benefits in your life and it is difficult to eliminate them. When you simple try to stop doing, you are more prone to do same thing. Instead fightinng yourself, replace a bad habit with a new, healthy one that provides positive benefit.

For example, millions of people in the world are spending half of their day on their social media. To break this habit, understand the routine and reminder. For example, when you wake up, first thing to do is looking your phone for controlling your emails and social media.

Now ask yourself, why do you look your phone first thing in the morning? Describe your feeling before you begin the routie? Loneless? Boredom?

When you describe your feelings, make a list of different types of activities you also enjoy. The goal is not torturing yourself but to choose heaty rewards that are healthy and make you feel good. These may include drawing, reading a book, taking a walk that are good for your health.

Once you realized your motives, figure out which factors can make you swap out and thus break the cycle.

For example, instead of spending time on the phone every morning.  Use that time slot for other habits with better benefits for you, such as meditation or exercise.

It may take a time but don’t give up. You can fail first days. At least 30 days, focus entirely on being consistent. Realize that your urge will be strong but it will go away. Keep your positibe attiude and don’t give up on trying.

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