Hello Angels,

Swimwear trends are really cute this summer.

Days are longer and swimsuit season has began. There are beaches near to Rome and honestly, I am not a beach person. Only stylish swimsuit trends motivate me to go to beach or poolside.

This summer swimsuit trends are provide coverage, fun and creative. From classic to effortlessy cool styles, there are many lovely swimsuit trends to try. In today’s post, I would like to share Summer 2022’s best swimsuit trends.

  • Tankini

Every season something from the past resurges. This year, tankinis made a cameback. They can be worn at the beach, poolside and hotel lobby with a sarong.

They are in many styles such as halter, triangle and strapless.

  • Monokini

Monokinis are trendy again. They are not a good option if you want to have a tan but they are an amazing option for lounge bar at the beach and in  hotel lobby.

  • Belted Swimsuits

This year some brands designed one pieces with belt. They are trendy and sophisticated.

  • Crochet

From dresses to bags, crochet is very popular. This year crochet bikinis are also very popular.

  • Cutouts

Cutouts are effortlessy cool. One piece with cutout detail is very cool and trendy.

  • Open Back Swimsuits

One piece with open back detail is perfect with shorts and skirts. You can opt them in happy hour at the beach or even in when you go out.

  • One Shoulder Swimsuits

From bikinis to one pieces, one shoulder pieces are trendy again.

You can wear one shoulder swimsuit with a wrap skirt for a stylish look at the beach or pool side.

  • Glitter

From dresses to shoes, this year glitter trend is literally everywehere. Glitter bikinis are an amazing option to look stylish.

  • Strappy Swimwear

This is one of my favorite swimsuit trend. They look cute

What is your favorite Summer 2022 swimsuit trend? Let me know it below

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