Hello Angels,

When it comes to swimwear, unfortunately many women don’t feel secure.  Finding the best swimwear for body shape is flattering and have huge impact on confidence.

Everyone should feel happy and confident no matter what. Buf if you are looking for an inspiration, in today’s post I would like to share swimwear types for body your body shape.

Pear  Body Shape

Pear shapes women typically have:

  • Narrow shoulders

  • Hips, upper thigs and butt are wider than chest and shoulders

  • You can pick something balances upper and lower body. A pear body shape have wider bottom so to balance it you can add more volume to the top.

Swimwear types for pear shaped women

Bikini tops and bottoms

  • Pear shaped women typically have small breasts. So, you can wear most of what you want. Padded bikini tops, push ups, strapless bandeau tops with sexy necklines and bold patterns are perfect for Pears.

  • You can opt high waisted bottoms  and high cut waistlines as a bikini botton. They cover hips and emphasize the waist. They also elongate your thighs.

Apple  Body Shape

Apple shaped women typically have:

  • Slender hips and shoulder

  • Fuller busts and midriffs

  • Slim legs

  • You can pick something emphasizes features and balance out the proportion

Bikini tops and  bottoms

  • Apple shaped women typically have large breasts. You can opt bold designs that draw the eye up to neckline. If you have wide shoulders, avoid spaghetti straps and strapless designs.

  • As a bikini botton, you can opt curves that will emphasize your waist and narrow your hips. High wasited bikini bottoms are the best option for apple shaped.

Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass shaped women typically have:

  • Fuller bust

  • Smaller waist

  • Curvy hips

  • Hourglass body shaped women can easily pick swimwear. You can pick something keep your naturally proportions in balance.

Bikini tops and bottoms

  • You can mix different bikini tops and bottoms or wear matching sets to keep your naturally proportions in balance.

  • To highlight your full bust, you can opt triange pr halter bikini top. If you have small chest, you can opt strapless top.

  • As bikini botton, you can opt something with ruffles or other embellishments.

Athletic Body Shape

Athletic shaped women typically have:

  • Well defined shoulders

  • Small bust

  • Toned torso and waist

  • Narrow hips

  • Athletic body shaped women can balance out proportions by reducing the width of the shoulders.

Bikini tops and bottoms

  • You can opt push ups to make your bust fuller or padded cups to enchance smaller breasts. One shoulder tops and thicker straps are also perfect choice.

  • As a bikini bottom, you can opt side ties. Also you can opt patterns, bright colors and details such as ruffles to add volume and curves to your bottom.

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