Hello Angels,

I was organizing my photos and I found some pictures in Switzerland. I stayed in Geneva for four days and I visited Zurich for a day to meet with my friend. It was 2013 and It was my first year in Italy. I was an university student and I had some free time. I decided to spend my free time in Switzerland. I am glad that I took this opportunity because sometimes things can be different.

Since 2020, travels are restricted and many of us could not go to the places we planned for holiday. One more time I understood that when we have a free time, we should use in a efficient way.

I visited Switzerland eight years ago in this date. Before I visit, I checked weather prediction. In my arrival day, weather seemed hot and sunny but next three days the temperature was suddenly low and rainy.

Honestly, I didn’t believe the temperature difference between two days and I only brought leather jacket.

When I think about it now I don’t know why I did something like that 😀

Weather was really hot in my first day but the other days weather was rainy and freezing.

I picked the plane at the earliest hour and I arrived in Geneva around nine o’clock in the morning. I left my things to the hotel and I started to stroll down.

I literally can’t find the addresses without the navigation on the phone. I can’t read classic, paper maps. My phone’s internet didn’t work there so I pushed myself to read paper map.

People were really helpful there and when they saw me I am trying to read the map, they helped me. I am sure that I had a funny look when I try to understand the map :):)

I love Starbucks and those years there was no Starbucks in Italy (There is a Starbucks in Milan now). I visited Starbucks many time in Geneva. Especially Starbucks beside to Lake Geneva was amazing for me.

I bored to try to understand map that’s why I walked without try to find a place to visit. Geneva is a small city and I visited almost all places by walk. I did some shopping, I ate delicious sweets, chocolates.

In my third day, I visited to Zurich by train and I met with my friend. My friend brought her friend as a guide because she doesn’t know a lot of places in Zurich as her friend knows.

We drank hot chocolate and started to stroll down on the streets. We visited Bahnhoffstrasse shopping street which is the most expensinsive shopping street in the world. You can find stores like Armani, Cartier and Rolex.

After we went to shopping mall and I returned to Geneva.

In my last day, I went to Starbucks again and I strolled down on the streets. I came to hotel to take my luggage. I had a lot of things to put in my luggage because of my shopping in Switzerland and my luggage was very small. I had to sat on my luggage to close and zip it.

My airline company was Easyjet. According Easy Jet’s rules you must put also your handbag into your luggage. It was very impossible for me but I had to do it. I found a place in airport and I opened my luggage and I tried to find a place my handbag. I am sure that I had a funny appearance 😀

One guy offered me help to close my suitcase. He also tried to find a solution and later he sat on my luggage for zip it 😀

It was a really lovely trip and I would like to visit Switzerland again. If you want a place for rest and shopping, I recommend you Switzerland.

Have you ever been in Switzerland? Let me know below

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