Hello Angels,

We can’t deny impact of technology in our daily lives.  Almost all types of business that have been impacted by technological advancement, including fashion industry.

Recent years, many popular fashion brands are getting benefit of techonology.There are many websites and mobile applications which help designers to establish and share their brands with all around the world. I am one of these designers and I am really happy to have my own website for designing and selling clothes and writing on my blog. People visit to my website from all around the world and it makes me really happy.

There are technology trends which are followed by fashion industry. These trends are upgrading the way people shop.

In today’s post I would like to share technology trends in fashion

  • Wearable Technology

It is one of the most popular technological trends in fashion world with the emergence of wearable devices such as smart watchers.

Technology companies are focusing on activity trackers into stylish pieces of jewellery such as bracelets and rings.

Many fashion brands focused on fuctional and wearable things. Some brands are collaborating with technology companies. Recent years Swarovski collaborated with Misfit Wearables and Tory with Fitbit.

  • E- commerce

Recent years, shoppers have given priority to shopping online. Some of the benefits of shopping online are;

You can shop any time you want

You can wear your pajamas, grap your tea and shop on your couch without visitng stores for hours.

You can compare brand’s quality and prices.

  • 3D Scanning

Sometimes shopping online can be challenging because of the finding the perfect fit. 3D scanning and garment fitting technology is a solution to this problem.

It works in such a way that costumers get scanned via an app and can dress up their avatar in different outfits to see how they fit.

Some fashion brands already started to offer this service to their customer.

  • 3D Printing and Lasers

3D is becoming priority in the development of clothing and footwear and design. Popular footwear brands like Reebok uses 3D printing including laces and soles.

Cutting edge 3D printing technologies and lasers are available and designers can use to create customized pieces quickly and affordably.

  • Virtual Fashion Shows

Preparing a fashion show is very stresful for fashion brands. Because their fashion show should be unique and memorable. Virtual fashion shows already started due to Covid-19 and this can be continue in future because it is more comfortable. You can still create memorable fashion show through 360 degree view and 3 D projections. There are some softwares which help in programming in different aspects scuh as music, foundation and lights.

  • Artificial Intelligence Fashion Stylish

AI can help you complete your look by generating multiple outfits based around a only one product. It can also recommend alternatives for out of stock items.

AI can recommend outfits and stylies based on your skinand eye color, hair and body type.

You can access on AI any device.

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