The little black dress is always on point.  It is one of the most timeless and versatile pieces of women’s wardrobe which is why every woman should have at least one at the ready. Thanks to their classic look and slimming power, you will feel instantly buy and put together.

The Little Black Wrap Dress

Diana Von Furstenberg who invented the iconic wrap dress will become your new go to piece. Thanks to its crepe material, this seasonless dress can be worn with anything from glam heels to sneakers. You will love the adjustable waistline and relaxed fit which is perfect for every figure.

Black Flare Dress

From chunky sweaters to sporty jackets and bold jewelry, there is nothing that won’t pair perfectly with black flare dress. A touch a spandex gives some stretch while flare style highlights your waist.

Sleeveless Black Dress

You can wear it alone or later it with a few of your accessories. This A line dress is especially  perfect for If you are getting ready in a hurry.

Sleeveless Square Neck Dress

Black sleeveless square neck dress with a statement earring you will be ready for date night in a few minutes. A touch of spandex built in, you will be comfortable no matter where you go.