Hello Angels,

I love art movements such as Renaissance, Baroque, etc. so much. Especially as a designer, I try to learn about these periods as possible as I can. In today’s post, I would like to talk about fashion and beauty standarts in Baroque period .

The Baroque is a movement of painting, architecture, music and other arts that began in Rome in 17th century, then spread rapidly to northern Italy, France and Portugal.

Trevi Fountain, Fountain of the Four Rivers are some of the Baroque design examples in Rome.

The Baroque style used movement, exuberant detail and contrast. It followed Renassaince art and there some ornamental elements introduced  by the Renaissance.

They are so many amazing Baroque masterpieces all around the world but have you ever wondered women’s fashion and beauty standarts?

According to my researches, beginning of 17th century, clothes were still preserving elements from the Renaissance. Clothes changed gradually.

The fashion trends were mostly followed by nobles, who were able to buy expensive things.

During the Baroque, silk and heavy silver and gold brocades were very popular. Most women were wearing long dresses with a close fitting bodice, loose shoulders and wide sleeveless. Especially Virago sleeves, which were gathered at the elbow were very popular.

The hard corsets replaced by flexible stays. The neckline was low and lace collars were very popular for decoration.  Dark colors were very trendy and wearing black cape on top was one of the trend among women.

Dresses, fabrics were very exuberant but contrary shoes were very simple.

Baroque woman beauty standart was;

  • Popular hairstyle was curls on both sides of the head

  • Pale, translucent skin

  • Curvy body

  • Wide Eyes

  • Rosy cheeks and rosy lips

One of my favorite thing about Baroque period is exuberant fabrics. What is your favorite thing about Baroque period?

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