Hello Angels,

Ankle weights are  popular training equipment. Especially when gyms were suspended last year, they were one of the most effective equipments for home workout. You can wear them and do workout which place you want.

Some people wear ankle weights when they walk to boost the  insensity of a workout. The extra resistance cause movement more so you burn more calories.

According to doctors, before you start to exercise with ankle weights, you should talk to your doctor especially if you have any problems with joints and balance.

I made some research about ankle weights and I would like share with you.

  • Strengthening your legs

Ankle weights strengthen your legs and help you gain muscle.

Your quadriceps, glutes and other leg muscles will all benefit from wearing ankle weights while you do any kind of exercise.

  • Versatile

You can use them even when you are not actually exercising. You can wear them while doing  chores around the house or when you are walking at outside. They are also an amazing equipment for resistance training.

  • Fat Burn

You can wear ankle wrights during doing cardio. They will maximize the results and you will lose more calories.

Extra weight on your legs helps to to lose calories by forcing your mucles to work much harder than it is used to.

  • Toning your abdomen

It was a surprising benefits of ankle weights for me. When I read it, it made me really amazed.

According to my research, wearing ankle weights target lower abdomen which is one of the hardest areas to train for a tone.

Ankle weights help to get rid of tummy and have a abs.

Do you use ankle weights in your workout? What is your favorite workout tool? Let me know it below

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