The summer is here, in Rome. Temperatures are rising and It is very difficult to stand the heat. I try to find most lightweight fabrics for summer dresses.

When you go shopping, you should lookout for fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable. There are the two main qualities when you look for fabrics of the outfits: breathable and lightweight. Anything heavy will make you uncomfortable and sweat in the heat.

Breathable quality is more important that weight. For this, you should find fabrics made of natural fibers (cotton, linen). Fine threads and loose weaves will make you keep you cool.

The colors have an important role in keeping cool and comfortable. Dark colors make you feel sweat because it absorbs heat but light colors reflect light and heat. That’s why darks colors recommended for winter outfits.

I personally believe that other important thing is shape of clothes. Tight shapes outfits make you feel more uncomfortable in hot summer days also it sticks to your body. That’s why I generally choose airy dresses and A line silhouettes.

Here are the 5 summer fabrics


  • One of the natural fiber fabric which absorbs moisture and dries very fast. As a result keeps the skin cool. It is perfect for a sweaty hot summer days.

  • Cotton fabric is available in different weights such as voile and poplin.

  • It can be machine-washed because durable.

  • Anti- allergic fabric


  • It is the summer fabric which absorbs moisture very fast like cotton fabric.

  • It is a breathable, light and comfortable fabric.

  • It creases and wrinkles all the time.

  • Nowadays linens woven tightly that’s why wrinkles less.

  • Easy to wash

  • Hypoallergenic


  • It is a natural fiber.

  • It considered a luxury fabric which is very soft fabric.

  • It has same feature like cotton and linen fabrics which absorbs wet and keeps you cool and comfortable.

  • The silk fabric is less breathable than cotton and linen

  • The loosely woven silk makes you feel more comfortable. That’s why try to find most light silk.

  • The negative side is sunlight is not good for silk fabric. The sun’s ray breaks silk’s fibres down and color of fabrics fade away.


  • It is made from natural cellulose which means chemically processed to produce fibers.

  • It is comfortable and cool which absorbs wet like natural fabrics.

  • It is a thinner thread than cotton.

  • The negative side is It is not durable which should be dry cleaned instad of wash machine.


  • It is a lightweight cotton fabric which has same feauture with cotton fabric.

  • It keeps you cool and comfortable.

  • The fabric comes in a higher thread count which means it’s a finer weave. It makes the fabric more breathable.